·         I would consider myself a self-taught stone carver. I work by holding the desired form of the carving in my mind, and work closely with the shape and color of the stone to create the final result. The stones are gathered from beaches, rivers and quarries near my home. My inspiration comes from the Neolithic period, which is simplicity at its best. The stone Goddesses are the ones that captured my heart.

     When I start a carving there is a direct flow between me and the stone. The figures that emerge from my conscious mythology and archetypes are modified by the shape and texture of the stone. This exchange between myself and the stone instills the carving with some anima type of characteristics to give it a recognizable spirit. Like my Neolithic ancestors before me the stone carving becomes softer and warmer as though it has come alive.  I try to add a sense of playfulness and humor to the figure, which enhances the story and helps you to feel a heart connection.

     No matter how conscious I am in my own work, I still feel the magic of discovery. My wish is that others who view my work will share a sense of power and strength in connecting to something of great permanence.  I continue to be amazed and grateful for the work that I create.

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