I would consider myself a direct stone sculptor, which means that I hold the form of the carving in my mind, and work closely with the shape and color of the stone to create that form. This does not mean that the form I hold in my mind cannot change during the carving process. For the past eight years I have been teaching myself to carve stones gathered from beaches and rivers near my home. Initially I was inspired by pictures in books of Neolithic stone goddess figures.

 The composite stones I gather have a very long history of becoming, each a very small piece of the earth, and I like to think about where they began their journey. I imagine a figure or part of a figure within the rock that clearly express the essence of the original stone.  I proceed to use my carving tools to grind and peel away the many layers that obscure what I have envisioned in the stone. The carving is finished when the stone has a new form that has movement, energy, and a story to tell. I don’t always understand the whole story but as long as humor, warmth and strength are represented I know someone will connect to that sculpture.  

No matter how conscious I am in my own work, I still feel the magic of discovery.

My wish is that others who view my work will share a sense of power and strength in connecting to something of great permanence.

 I continue to be amazed and grateful for the work that I have created.